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Many people believe that we have developed into a throw-away society.

Traditionally, the approach is to punish criminals by placing them in
prison to pay for what they have done (what 引导宾语从句,作为介词for 的宾语)


状语从句花样很多,只要求大家复习两种:if 引导的条件状语从句,和while 引导的让步状语从句


If a student wants to learn about job-specific information, they don’t need
to sit in a classroom to get it



While the economic development has made our life more comfortable, it has
also polarized the society in the distribution of wealth

While traditional buildings might look mice from the outside, they are
often not very user-friendly



1 who 引导,修饰“人”

Those who…. ……的人……

Students who…… ……的学生……

Children who…… ……的孩子……

Those who feel that sports stars’ salaries are justified might argue that
the number of professionals with real talent are very few.

Student without teachers will surely be lost; but students who simply rely
on teachers for knowledge are not really learning

Children who enter school at an early age are generally more conficent and
independent than children who stay at home with their parents

2 that 引导,修饰物

Likewise, economics is a fundamental discipline that allows societies to be
stable and move forward

The workload that could take months to finish by manual labor could be done
flawlessly by robots in minutes

How to handle criminals is a problem that all courtiers and societies

Advertisement is an effective marketing tool that almost every company



If fuel prices go up, either fewer people will drive or people will drive
less, which makes sense for recing pollution

Demand for various commodities creates a huge market for the local and
international businesses, which in turn increases demand for the labor

Governments should develop and launch a good traffic control system, which
can monitor and facilitate traffic flows on major roads for better and safer
usage, recing the chances of accidents.



1 whether 引导的主语从句

Whether mobile phones bring more harm than good to us has caused a heated

Whether the increase of fuel price can solve the world’s environmental
problem is a controversial issue.

Whether universities should provide students with practical skills or
academic knowledge is a controversial issue.

2先行词it 开始的主语从句

It is obvious that we are living in an information age

It is obvious that investing in ecation is investing in one’s future

It is obvious that human activities have the greatest impact on

3 What 引导的主语从句+not…but..


What governments should do is to create policies to encourage low carbon

What most companies and workforces need are not robots, but creative people
who can contribute ideas

What the poor countries need most is not money, but advanced technologies
and talents in some key areas

4同位语从句:同位语从句实际上是that 前面那个名词的解释或具体内容

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the phenomenon
that our kids are spending more time watching TV.(第一段第一句用到)

I agree with the view that not only governments but every single citizen
should do one’s part to fix this problem.( 第一段最后一句用到)

The fact that we have different languages demonstrates that we have
different cultures.



This is because it is the rich and powerful people in our society who are
able to impose changes.

Another reason for this is that old buildings, like native language, form a
cultural identity and keep a unique record of a country.


雅思经典句子 状语从句 ★雅思写作高分从句有哪些句型






1. that引导的从句e.g. It is reported that one third of Guangzhou citizens plan to buy a private car. (据报道,三分之一的广州市民打算购买私家车。)
2. whether/if引导的从句e.g. Whether motorcycles should be banned in Guangzhou has become an issue of controversy.(广州是否禁摩托车成了有争议的话题。)
4. who/whom/whose/what/which引导的从句e.g. Who should be responsible for the environmental degradation is still unknown.(谁对环境恶化负责还不清楚。)
(1)由关系代词who, whom, whose, that, which, as引导的从句。例如: People who are strongly against human cloning claim that it is immoral and unethical. (强烈反对克隆人的人们认为这样做不道德和不合伦理)
(1)时间状语从句e.g. When everyone is fully aware of the severity of fresh water scarcity and takes effective measures, I am convinced that we will tackle this problem constructively.(当每个人充分意识到淡水短缺的严重性,并采取有效措施,我相信我们一定能妥善解决好这个问题。)
(2)地点状语从句e.g. Where there is smoke, there is fire.(无风不起浪)(3)原因状语从句e.g. Pets should be forbidden because they may spread diseases and damage the cityscape.(应该禁止饲养宠物,因为它们可能会传播疾病和有损市容。)
(4)目的状语从句e.g. Old people should be encouraged to live in a nursing house so that they can enjoy professional care and first-rate facilities. (应当鼓励老人到敬老院居住,这样他们可以享受到专业的照料和一流的设施。)
(5)结果状语从句e.g. Some government officials fail to recognize the potential hazards of improper waste disposal, so that the environment in some cities is deteriorating.(一些政府官员未能认识到垃圾处理不当带来的潜在危害,因此一些城市的环境不断恶化。)
(6)条件状语从句e.g. If we continue to overlook the increasing waste in Guangzhou, it is likely that Guangzhou will become a huge landfill site sooner or later.(如果我们继续无视广州日益增多的垃圾,有可能不久的将来广州将成为巨大的垃圾填埋场。)
(7)让步状语从句e.g. While I admit that smoking has some side-effects, I still feel that it is ridiculous to ban smoking in public places.(虽然我承认吸烟有副作用,我依然觉得公共场所禁烟是荒唐的。)
(8)比较状语从句e.g. Red is two times as much as Blue.(红色是蓝色的两倍。)
(9)方式状语从句e.g. Just as we protect less able human beings, so we should safeguard the welfare of other weaker species.(正如我们保护弱者一样,我们也应该保护弱势物种的福利。)
Well begun is half done是大家耳熟能详的英语谚语。也就是说,一个漂亮的开头,往往是文章写作成功的一半。尤其在雅思和新托福写作考试中,好的开头往往能够在瞬间吸引考官眼球,留下良好的第一印象。那么,我们怎样才能写漂亮的引言段呢?首先,我们要做到开门见山,明确写作话题和目的。如何才能做到开门见山?我们可以采用以下几种方式:1.采用统计数字引出话题,把问题呈现在读者面前;2.提出有争议性的问题,激发读者兴趣,使其积极参与讨论;3.以新颖的观点,吸引读者注意力;4.呈现该话题正反方的观点;5.引用名人名言、谚语等作为文章的开头;6.对将要讨论的话题进行定义。
我们在写关于体罚的话题文章时,可以这样开头:It is reported that a boy in Zhuhai was beaten to death by his father on Father’ Day. Ample evidence also shows that children who are frequently abused by their parents or teachers tend to be introverted, pessimistic, indifferent and even world-weary. Recently, there has arisen a fierce argument on whether corporal punishment should be abolished. Teachers, parents and experts take diverse attitudes towards this issue.(据报道,在父亲节那天,珠海有个小男孩被老爸揍死了。充分的证据也显示,经常遭父母或老师虐待的小孩往往比较内向、悲观、冷漠甚至厌世。近来,关于是否应该废除体罚出现了一场激烈的争论,老师、家长和专家各执一词。)
而我们在写关于该不该禁烟的话题时,可以这样开头:A recent study concted by Zhongshan University has found that the number of smokers has been increasing sharply over the past five years. Research findings also reveal that the incidence of smoking-related conditions has soared. As a result, the ban on smoking has been in the spotlight. (中山大学最近做的一个研究表明,在过去五年里,吸烟者人数急剧上升。研究结果同时显示,吸烟导致的疾病发病率也急剧增长。因此,禁烟成了个热点话题。)

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